• Alexander Motte, Co-Founder of IronWeb

  • Posted on March 10, 2016
  • Alexander Motte began his Master’s education with a degree in Quantitative Finance from Paris Dauphine University in Paris France. After graduating with his master’s from Dauphine, he started a career in the finance industry. While adept in the finance world, he worked as a trader for companies like HSBC and Natixis, he felt as though he wanted to move into another field of interest. He wanted to take on more challenges and not just in the finance field. He decided he would try to go into the world of startups. He started with an online hotel sales website called TripUnion in 2011. This gave Motte a company to satisfy his desire to innovate and develop. This passion for problem solving and entrepreneurship motivated him to continue developing new business ideas. And after founding a few other endeavors, Alexander Motte co-founded IronWeb. IronWeb is an e-commerce group based on recurring business models and has grown to be the largest European business of its kind.

    The ability to find business development and a willingness to take on tasks has helped Motte to complete many of the goals he set out to complete. This has also helped him gain experience in the entrepreneurial world. From the finance industry to the e-commerce world, Alexander believes in hard work and passion for what you do. These beliefs can be found throughout his work.

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